Web design and development

Our portfolio showcases our style as designers. We focus on minimal but effective design and keep the core functionality central.

At the time of writing we've created over 30 websites for clients and counting.

Parc app

Made with Wix

An app filled with activities for parents and their children. We gave a big update to the landing page of the app to make the website more welcoming and to deliver their message clearer.

Trøst - website under construction

Made with an external Wordpress theme

A warm, personal and sustainable farewell. A funeral company that takes a different approach while also focusing on sustainability.

Rebalance horse training

Made with custom code, on Wordpress

A woman with a passion for horses started her own horse training company. She came to us for the design of her website and branding. She chose as main colors dark emerald green and camel brown. We created a website with a clean, refined style.


Made with Elementor, in Wordpress

This restaurant was in need of a simple, refined website.


Made with custom code

With BrewPlugger you can get more exposure for your creations. This is a place where you can promote your product, service, channel, twitch, or others. The point is to get more traffic to your website and in turn get more users! There are no hard limits on what and how many times you can promote your 'brew'.


Made with custom code

With a8a.co you can create your own short URLs. It's designed to be lightweight and quick. The project was a technical exploration where we focus on the creation and self-use of an api.

Plan A consultancy

Made with custom code

Plan A is a consultancy agency focused on talent management and placement. The website had to be minimal and light while being easy to navigate and read. It was made to meet all the owner's specifications.

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Other services

An overview of the projects we have completed in the past for clients, apart from websites. This includes social media ads & management, graphic design (photoshop, logo design, other tasks) and full project management.

Photoshop design


During the renovation of a theater, four ventilation grilles were placed in a wooden ceiling. Stickers that looked the same as the ceiling had to be placed on the grids. The challenge was to recreate the intricate wood patterns and precise colors.
Here you can see an example of a wood pattern that fitted, but that we had to give a realistic coloring. 

Logo design


102psi offers services and tools for the industrial tire industry. They were in need of a new logo design that could be used for different projects. We created a minimalistic design with a clear link to their field.



This airconditioning company had a big renovation planned for a client. They asked us to make layouts of the pipes to provide an overview.

Mailchimp implementation

Ms. Bay

Ms. Bay asked for a series of implementations. First, we designed the look of the pop ups. Next, we linked specific actions to these pop ups. For this we separated different groups of subscribers in segments. We set up several follow-up mechanisms in addition. Lastly, we ran tests for the optimal placing and frequency of the pop up.

Project management and administration


We regularly assist in the management of projects and help with administrative tasks.

Logo design

Rebalance Horse Training

A woman with a passion for horses started her own horse training company. She came to us for the design of her website and branding. Her wish was that the "balance" aspect would be reflected in her logo. We created a refined black and green design in line with her vision.

Social media management


An app filled with activities for parents and their children. For this client we handled their project management, including managing their social media channels. We worked on different strategies to reach their main audience: mothers.

Social media management


We're also regularly working on creative projects of our own. Check our social media channels to stay updated!