An overview of the projects we have done in the past or are working on for clients. These include brand design, social media ads, management of social media channels and full project management.

Work in progress!
This overview is updated from time to time. 

Project management


We assist regularly in the management of projects.

Logo design

Rebalance Horse Training

A young woman with a passion for horses started her own company. She came to us for a full brand design: logo, website, everything. This is the logo we designed for her, but we'll show you more later!

Social media management


An app filled with activities for parents and their children. For this client we are handling project management, including managing their social media channels, go check 'em out!

Website design


We also gave the landingspage of the app Parc an update. We have many things planned for this project!

Social media management


We often work on other creative projects too. Check our own Instagram channel to stay updated!


Projects of ours, apart from those for clients.


A remote opportunity bulletin, where you can find remote work opportunities. Starting up at the moment!


Made during the COVID 19 lockdown, it serves as an informational platform with updates on the regulations, antistress tips and fun ideas to make some social interaction possible, from a distance.