Great brand design is necessary to get off to a smooth start if you're starting your own company. Or if your company has been around for a while, it might be time to freshen up your design. We can provide your company a full brand design package. Depending on your needs, we can deliver the following solutions:

Your brand story and guide

Visual identity

Website design

Brand name

The right name for your brand is of vital importance. It sets the tone, it's part of the image your brand portrays to your audience. Most customers have a higher level of interaction with your brand name than with your logo, product or services. We make sure your brand name is a right fit with your brand identity.

Logo design

Besides a brand name that sets the right tone, we come up with a thought out design for your logo. A well made logo continues the story you want to tell. This contributes to the customer experience of your brand. The visual identity of your company or organisation is very crucial for the communication to your target group. Just as a successfull slogan: one that is distinctive from the competition and that stays away from clichés. We can help you with both.

Your story and brand guide

We create a story for your brand that amplifies your brand identity. A well composed brand identity is of crucial importance for your audience to understand the values and characteristics of your brand. So they understand your brand and can grow fond of it. This identity will be reflected in all your different carriers: your name, logo, business cards, website, ...  But there is more. We haven't even mentioned your identity being present on social media platforms. How do you then maintain a clear overview of the identity of your brand, if your company has to be present on all these platforms and channels? With all their different specifics? For this, we create a brand guide for you: kind of a recipe with all the ingredients for your brand communication.

Visual identity

As said before, the visual identity of your company or organisation is of high importance for communication internally and externally. This can include many items: business cards, flyers, stickers, ... and other visual material. These items are often the first visual interaction a potential new client has with you and your brand. So it should be on point: it needs to show the style and image you want to portray with your story. We create full unique designs that convey your message exactly.

Website design

A neat and clear website that sharply explains your business is required for every entrepreneur who takes his/her business seriously. If done well, the website also reflects your corporate identity. We listen to your demands and concerns and make sure your website meets all the requirements.

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